Monday, January 31, 2011


Journey to Greece

This week I have decided to share a personal trip that I took a few years back and what I learned about the Grecian culture and architecture while I was there.  For this reading response I will touch base on some of my favorite sights in Greece in an attempt to make it more familiar to you.

Delphi is both the name of a modern town and an archaeological site.  This sight is famous for the “Oracle of Delphi” which was a common pilgrimage site by patrons of Athens.  This area is located in the lower central area of Greece and is settled high on a mountainside.  The major constructs of this location include an amphitheater, a temple to Apollo, and various treasury buildings.


This site has a very particular architectural feature, its acoustics.  I can only believe the story about this place because I have been there and heard the phenomenon.  When anyone stands in the center of the stage and makes any noise, even a whisper, it can be heard from anywhere in the stands, even the top most corner.  This is a shining example of how precise engineering and design can create something perfect.


Acropolis of Mycenae
This site was by far one of my favorites.  Located Southwest of Athens this area is purely an archeological goldmine with many famous artifacts nearby such as the Lion’s Gate and the Treasury of Atreus.  This once powerful fortress was a perfect example of a defensible area.  With views from the top for miles, you can literally see the sea.  So with plenty of time to prepare for an enemy this architectural feat was very well designed and placed.

Mycenae Aerial

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  1. it's great to include your personal experiences and travels. i would push further to be ANALYTICAL rather than descriptive. use the title, annotations, and other elements of the assignment to fully explicate the importance of greek architecture and design to your life of design.