Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog That Assignment 5

Lighting for the WAM group project was an interesting challenge for our cabinet.  Obviously it needed some lighting to show off the merchandise, but what would work best?  We looked at rechargeable battery lights, but the battery was too large and the wiring to hide it wouldn't work.  Then there were lights that could be plugged in, but that made for positioning the cabinet difficult and limiting.  So our final solution was to bring as much transparency to the piece as possible to use the light which is already in the space.  The clear top lets in the light and the opaque shelves help to diffuse the light around the items within.  Our hopes is that when placed in the right positions the light will help blend the cabinet with the museum, but also display the merchandise well.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Instructional Poster Precedent

I chose these posters for their simplicity.  I believe that a guide only needs to explain things when they aren't obvious.  Of course that depends on the audience as well.  These show that minimal (or no) words can express the proper way to do what is intended.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minimalist Poster Ideas

For my thoughts on our posters I like the minimalist approach.  The idea is that the signs will get the subject across easily as long as the subject matter is well represented in its minimal representation and that the viewer is somewhat familiar with the subject.  While the subject of these posters are popular movies, our subject should be even more familiar to our viewers.  Therefore I think a simple approach is the best action for showing toilets.  No need to overkill advertising for such a commonly used subject. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reception Compositions

Background gradient representing presence of light within perspective

Fixed each layer to show a painted canvas view

Stained Glass filter with some background hazing

Blog That Assignment 4

For the WAM project I believe that the design principles and elements show themselves in a more defined way.  Whilst the other groups are more extravagant in their representations ours needs to be more applicable and therefore have solid principles and elements.

Rhythm - Our current design breaks the rhythm of the piece with almost complete asymmetrical elements.  Doors, top, hand holds, bolts.

Balance - Both visually and physically this piece is somewhat unbalanced, but the cabinet will remain sturdy.  Materials, weight, design elements.

Emphasis - This will be brought to both the cabinet itself and the merchandise within through the colors and features we use.  Color, materials, lighting.

Unity - As a whole the repeating elements will bring unity to this object.  Materials, color, shapes, proportion.

Proportion - Almost human sized, the piece will fit well within the desired space.  Dimensions, design, materials.

Line - Mixture of curved and straight, there will be a good balance between the two.

Color - Wood birch, WAM green, nickle, clear.  Almost natural with a hint of industry.

Shape - Waves and squared edges.  Rigid and flowing at the same time.

Texture - Smooth materials and polished surfaces, although same may look rougher than others.

Form - Cabinet of course, shelving, doors, cutouts, wheels, drawers, and bolts.

Space - Inside and outward, the space is defined inside as it is in the space it resides in.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Reflection, Shadow, Composition

Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge
National Museum of American History
National Museum of Natural History
My Living Room
National Museum of African Art
National Museum of the American Indian
National Museum of American History
DC Metro
This composition stuck out to me because of its bold colors in an otherwise plain room.  The hierarchy is determined by that same use of color depending on its concentration in certain areas such as the counter.  The value is very high in this space, and there is little contrast based on the amount of light alone.
This composition has a much smoother color combination with soft browns and cream colors.  The hierarchy is not as well determined, but my eye is drawn to the tub which has a bold white shade.  The value is also broken up more throughout this space which can be better understood through the shadow on the wall.  This space felt peaceful to me and that is why I chose it.

Teapot Reception: Final Rendered Composition

This is a compressed page of my final rendered composition.  Plan, perspective, and two section elevations.