Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog That Assignment 4

For the WAM project I believe that the design principles and elements show themselves in a more defined way.  Whilst the other groups are more extravagant in their representations ours needs to be more applicable and therefore have solid principles and elements.

Rhythm - Our current design breaks the rhythm of the piece with almost complete asymmetrical elements.  Doors, top, hand holds, bolts.

Balance - Both visually and physically this piece is somewhat unbalanced, but the cabinet will remain sturdy.  Materials, weight, design elements.

Emphasis - This will be brought to both the cabinet itself and the merchandise within through the colors and features we use.  Color, materials, lighting.

Unity - As a whole the repeating elements will bring unity to this object.  Materials, color, shapes, proportion.

Proportion - Almost human sized, the piece will fit well within the desired space.  Dimensions, design, materials.

Line - Mixture of curved and straight, there will be a good balance between the two.

Color - Wood birch, WAM green, nickle, clear.  Almost natural with a hint of industry.

Shape - Waves and squared edges.  Rigid and flowing at the same time.

Texture - Smooth materials and polished surfaces, although same may look rougher than others.

Form - Cabinet of course, shelving, doors, cutouts, wheels, drawers, and bolts.

Space - Inside and outward, the space is defined inside as it is in the space it resides in.

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