Monday, October 3, 2011

Reflection, Shadow, Composition

Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge
National Museum of American History
National Museum of Natural History
My Living Room
National Museum of African Art
National Museum of the American Indian
National Museum of American History
DC Metro
This composition stuck out to me because of its bold colors in an otherwise plain room.  The hierarchy is determined by that same use of color depending on its concentration in certain areas such as the counter.  The value is very high in this space, and there is little contrast based on the amount of light alone.
This composition has a much smoother color combination with soft browns and cream colors.  The hierarchy is not as well determined, but my eye is drawn to the tub which has a bold white shade.  The value is also broken up more throughout this space which can be better understood through the shadow on the wall.  This space felt peaceful to me and that is why I chose it.

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