Monday, April 18, 2011


What modern Scandinavian design aspect comes to mind?  Ikea.  Ikea to me represents a fundamental part of today's middle class living.  Although not completely inexpensive, what you can get from Ikea is fairly high quality for the cost and is readily available to anyone.  Another thing about Ikea is that the designs are simplistic in a way which allows for the purchaser to set it up themselves without outside help from a professional.  The design principles of Ikea show a contemporary form of home furnishings and the material usage is usually to the best efficiency.  These ideals can compare directly to what the Eames planned for in their work: design simplicity, availability and affordability, and mass production.

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  1. So.....the scandinavian legacy is cheap, mass produced furniture? How are IKEA's products simple? how does it relate to the simplicity of scandinavian design? Maybe form over decoration, maybe sensuous curves over the rigid geometric aesthetic of Bauhaus modernism, maybe natural looking materiality. If scandinavian design were just about cheap, simple products then how would that differentiate it from other styles?