Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Healthy Glow

Matthew Weikert
A Healthy Glow

            It’s an interesting vantage point to view light as something other than an element in design.  The farthest past that basic knowledge which we have explored was only how light effects behavior or how it can define a social interaction in a given environment.  But now layered on top of everything else is this knowledge of how light can influence health and safety.
            Safety is one of the most logical and practical applications for light.  In any work environment for ample light is needed to see to perform tasks efficiently and without risk.  Lights can be used to highlight certain areas of precaution or importance as well as indicate information that may assist with safety.  Good lighting could also be used to ensure mental safety as well.
            The main influence of these articles however was the underlying applications of certain light and how that pertained to health.  Back at the workplace, light can be used to ensure enough vitamin D is absorbed as well as keep the proper circadian cycles in place.  In hospitals and at home the light can be adjusted to increase immune systems and to assist with sleeping.  Into the future light can be deconstructed more to find better health benefits and more unique uses such as blue light to help long term focus. 
            With the introduction of artificial light and the disruption of our natural cycles we have been hindered mentally and health wise.  But as the articles state with recent and future findings we may benefit into the future much more than we have in the past.

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