Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phase II Completion

Yesterday we concluded our Phase II part of the project with a preliminary pin up and gallery presentation.  We were joined be several professional members of our community who gave us different views and opinions on what was presented.

Reactions toward my individual presentations were primarily positive with general hype surrounding some of my key features such as the opening bike rental area, green roof/garden, and thoughts on transparency & intrigue.  Some suggestions and discussion around my project included space planning from Hugh Sutphin, concept visualization and development from Jerry Leimenstoll, and great green roof enthusiasm and support from Lee Mortensen.  Additionally a few of my supporting peers gave some of their own thoughts to my proposal including diagram suggestions, building codes to keep in mind, and aesthetic ideas for the interior of the building.

Overall I feel that this preliminary presentation was a large success as I came away with good feedback, positive reactions, and a few new connections to the industry.

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