Monday, May 2, 2011

Writer's Retreat - Final Presentation

At the end of this semester it is obvious how far both myself and our class has come.  We have many things that have improved and still many more to work on.  With this final presentation and the portfolio, I hope to have a good start toward my career.  Now without further delay I present my Writer's Retreat proposal.

The layout during final presentation day.

Plans and sections of my proposed space.  Added an extra section not only to
   show more of the space, but also to help balance out the composition on paper.

Perspective of living room and loft space.  This view is similar
 to one of my sections, because I wanted the space to be understood more
and I thought it was one of the most compelling aspects to the design.

These two perspectives are two renderings of the same view.  I decided
to do this upon a suggestion by an instructor who wanted to see multiple
materials/light effects of spaces, but no one was doing those so I decided to.

Another extra I was able to complete was the binding of my progress work.
In reflection there are some things I wish I had added, but I stand by my design.  Simple contemporary, basic materials, a blank page envisioned for the writers.  I'm now looking forward to next year and on improving my skills.

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