Thursday, August 25, 2011

Draft Diagram: Weatherspoon Art Museum

For this look at the museum and how someone moves through the space I wanted to take on the perspective of disability and how it may affect the experience.

This first attempt at capturing the movement through those circumstances was sketched on site.  In this I wanted to represent a rough layout of the space and show mainly only the places which were clearly accessible.  Highlights in this and the other diagrams are the handicap ramp and the elevator.
This second rendition was drawn from a floor plan located on the Weatherspoon Art Museums website.  Although the plan isn't exact, it shows what was necessary for my purposes.  Here is also a rough layout of the travel habits/restrictions of the space, which is fully revised in the final diagram.
In this final draft diagram I have color coded accessibility.  Green areas and pathways mean that they can be traversed by anyone, blue means that it may be difficult for wheelchairs or those with movement difficulties to traverse, and red shows where only those with full ambulatory capabilities will most likely travel.

In retrospect this look at the space tells me how much we as designers need to consider when doing anything, from the smallest aesthetic to the major build.  Consideration needs to be a major part of our process.

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