Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interior Light Model: Mixing Light

Light Mixing
Light Bo
The principle behind our light box was to create an area that displayed the primary colors of light, the secondary colors of light, and also white light at the same moment.  We were able to accomplish this by setting up barriers which restricted the path of our light sources (red, green, and blue lamps) so that they interacted and mixed in a very specific way.  The barriers allowed the red, green, and blue light to be shown whilst also having them mix to create yellow, magenta, and cyan in certain locations.  Finally in the center all of the light emitted mixed to create the visible white light. 

Our lamps were Christmas tree lights which we rearranged.  Originally all of the lamps were used, but later we adjusted the number to make the amount of emitted light about equal.  The colors on the exterior of our box represent the exact color which shines on the interior of the same wall and help to light proof inside.  The shape of the box represents a quartz prism used to fracture light and worked perfectly for our desired design.

Light Box Poster

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