Sunday, September 23, 2012

Light Series 3

For this light series I chose Daylight, Compact Fluorescent, HID High-Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent, and Mr-16 to compare my fabric samples with.  I wanted to use fabrics with different colors, patterns, and textures in order to get the various changes on camera.

Daylight obviously had the best color range and really brought out the the hues in all of the fabrics.  The brightness of it also had the added affect of bringing out the textures fairly well.  I consider daylight to be the standard at which the other sources can be compared to.

The CFL lighting was warm and gave a golden tone to the fabrics.  The green and yellow rendered well within this light, but the red and blue were change from their original hue.

The street light with HID Sodium lamps applied the most dramatic visual affliction to the fabrics.  Everything appeared either orange or a sickly yellow.  Needless to say high-pressure sodium lighting is not suitable for visual clarity in design.

These particular Fluorescent lamps had a white light a bit on the warm side.  It rendered the colors just alright on the fabrics, but not as well as daylight.  Also for some reason the blue swatch gained an orange appearance under this lighting.

The Mr-16 lighting was strong and bright, but it left the colors in the fabric washed out.  This source would be appropriate if the need was simply to illuminate and colors were not important, but as designers colors should always be considered important in an interior space.

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