Monday, February 7, 2011

Commodity, Firmness, and Delight - BP4

I believe of the spaces we visited on Friday that the main entrance to the library expressed the highest levels of commodity, firmness, and delight. 

The lowest of these could be commodity, which although the entrance performs it's duties as an entering place and lines up well with other structures as Patrick mentioned, it is still a bit out of the way as it compares to today's campus.  Most structures on campus are only a few feet from a main walkway or at least have a straight shot to them from one of these.  The main entrance to the library is neither of these and most people end up entering from the secondary doorways.

Firmness in this construct is possibly the highest scored category.  From the look at least of this area I can tell that there isn't any broken parts in the structure and the heftiness of the construction assures me of its lasting abilities.  I'm sure that if this structure is kept up well it could last for a fairly long time.

The delight in this area is a matter of opinion and perspective.  On the one hand the construction is pleasing with it's simple yet elegant design and use of materials, but upon closer inspection we can see how some areas have begun to discolor.  So in design this porch is pleasing and with a little care could become even more stunning compared to the plain outside of the library.

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  1. Matt, you bring up a very valid point concerning the hidden nature of the library entrance from the college avenue side. In fact, when I first arrived on campus, I didn't even realize there was an entrance there and always entered through the other side. The commodious role of an entrance to be clearly displayed and defined isn't really accomplished there. Nice observation.