Thursday, February 17, 2011

Design Manifesto

Process, process, process…  I can see everywhere how this ‘process’ is supposed to be the way that ideas are formed, then changed, then used, and then changed again.  In our reading somewhere it is stated how our freedom of design in the present is dangerous because it leaves us open to more failures from more ideas.  The way I see it is that the most celebrated constructs and innovations in history have been from radical never before tried precedents.  We should push ourselves to try even the ideas that we know will fail.  Why be afraid to jump into something new?

Often in our projects my mind is quick to create a vision of the end result.  With others it seems they work from start to finish, but for me I have my start and I have my finish I only need to fill in the gap.  I guess you could consider my design technique pure imagination and faith.  It’s not hard for me to think of an idea and what it should look like once completed, but it takes some faith to see it all the way through.  And I will admit that some of my ideas have had small changes in them, but I have never had to go all the way back to start on a project thus far.

To sum up in a few words, my manifesto thus far is to be unafraid to try new ideas and to keep a projects end in mind when moving through its design process.  Of course as any ones manifesto should, mine will continue to change and grow as I do in my design knowledge.

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