Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dining Idea/Story

The idea behind my dining space is a ritualistic biannual display of a countries pride and hospitality.  Each U.N. participating country has an opportunity to be part of this event.

In each country several cities are chosen.  Depending on their population, each city has constructed several of these spaces.  For each space five people are randomly selected from that city to participate on the solstice day.  The spaces are only used on these days and are sealed for the rest of the year.

These spaces are located away from other structures and are independent.  The shape of these buildings is of a huge oval dome with no straight edges.  The material used in this dome is a tinted silicone polymer to allow light to pass through the whole of the space without being overwhelming on the inside.  Although there are no openings in the space besides the entrance doorway the silicone polymer will be breathable to let air in and out without letting moisture do the same.

For each country the dishes prepared will be brought in from the outside and will vary depending on the traditional food of the area.  In the sideboard on the far end from the entrance will be something designating that spaces country of origin.  On the celebrating day the objects will be taken out and displayed with each person who attends the function.

The table in the center of this space and for which the shape is given is oval in pair with the space.  For convenience a sort of conveyor belt will be embedded in the top to help with passing of dishes.

Five chairs are fixed in place on each side of the table and the participants will sit three to one side and two to the other with spaces between them.  As the ceremony begins another space randomly selected from another local will link with this space.  The people from each location will be displayed in the back of the chair of the corresponding space.  In this way the illusion of ten people in a room eating together can be achieved, each person seeing and hearing nine other people as if they are truly there looking into their eyes.

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