Sunday, September 11, 2011

201 Blog Assignment 1

On approach to the IOB I thought back on each time I passed by it on my way home.  How bland it seemed from the outside.  Questions about what goes on inside the dark interiors or what services are provided there?  Is it a factory, museum, job finding company?  There was no indication to the public of its purpose.

Almost immediately this time, mostly from Patrick's word and expressions, I felt as though this place was misjudged.  There must be something on the inside that could turn out the great products and heart which he described.  Something would definitely have to change for this places true expression to come out.

Inside we started to meet the staff and learn their story.  The hard work and pure dedication to what they produce inside is evident all around the IOB.  From the factory floor to the offices above people actually enjoyed their jobs and the people they worked with.  There were a variety of positions to suit all the needs, basic skill work to upper level management.

Then the director told us about their system and what changes they have made to better their company (and when I type "their" I mean every single employee, because they have made it their own).  The changes have molded the people into what they are today and now we must reflect those changes back onto the structure around them.

The space must be renewed.  More showcase to the public, transparency.  More personal interaction through the space to the employees.  We need to keep it accessible, yet personal and dynamic to everyone who comes into its presence.  To its core the IOB is a representation of not only what the blind can do, but what people can overcome.  Even when faced with misunderstanding, misconceptions, and a stereotype of helplessness.  Dramatically the IOB can be an example to any one, any company, or any space.

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