Friday, September 23, 2011

201 Blog Assignment 2

For this assignment I wanted to have fun with some of the ideas in my head.  Several of the photos I shot in DC were of the Capital building which is massive.  So I began to think about other massive objects, but I wanted something that made sense being in the picture.

So I chose Godzilla!

The first step was to layer the Godzilla picture on top of the Capital one.  Then carefully erase on the Godzilla layer until it's background and bottom were gone.  After this step the picture was ok, but it needed something more.  It needed a hero.

Enter Mishka!  Mine and my fiance's new pet cat.

So then Mishka was layered on top of the other two pictures.  The transform tool was used to angle his picture.  Then his background was also erased to only show the background of the Capital.  After this I thought that the sky should be darker for this epic battle.  Using the gradient tool a layer above the Capital the sky was darkened without altering Godzilla or Mishka.  Then on another layer above Mishka the polygonal lasso tool was used to give him laser beam eyes to help fight off Godzilla.  And finally the hazy brush tool was used to highlight his eyes and the beams.

And so the Capital Building and DC was saved!

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