Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Point Perspective Concept

1 point draft

2 point draft

For the final product of this perspective I implemented my views of how the Elements of design reflect upon my concept.  The space is laid out so that it highlights the main objects, and the objects stay true to form in smaller proportion adding to their similarities to the concept.  Lines are both crisp in the objects, and elegant in the border drawing on the best of both worlds in how I imagined the concept.  Color is lacking due to project constraints, but the values I believe show off the general shape of the concept and the inherent light within the space.  Contrast is well represented between the border and the main shapes by the values and the line characteristics.  For the form and shape I wanted to not stray too far from the concept.  When polled several people couldn't tell what the objects represented, but when told it was immediately noticed.  This way of seeing the objects caught my attempted feeling perfectly for I wanted to capture the object without being overly literal.  As for the texture I wanted again to stray from the usual feeling of a teapot and become a bit unusual with it.  While the typical teapot is seen as smooth and polished ceramic, I wanted the surface to still be smooth and polished yet made out of wood to better appeal to the exploded block forms.

Overall I am pleased with this composition.  I see myself as being the client on items such as this where although there are restraints I am free to do as I wish.  Others may not be as pleased with it as I am, but for my own personal growth I heed what they say yet look toward myself for my own satisfaction in my work.  For being the second project after a long break I can tell how much I did retain from last years lessons and I am ready to go onto the next.

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