Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WAM, GHM, & IOB an in depth opinion

Weatherspoon Art Museum

The WAM's problem for our purposes is how to grab the attention of customers and increase the income of the gift shop.  We have been charged to do this by constructing a movable kiosk to display and store items for sale.  An outside firm was assigned to give us a general design for the cabinet.  For this project our problem has been given a resolution, we must simply work toward that resolution.  By this we must determine the inner workings of the cabinet, how it looks, and how it functions.  Measuring, modeling, color testing, and construction are some of the main milestones.

Generally nothing concerns me about this project, only balance within the team and all of the tweaks that will have to be made.  But I am reserved as to the budget and how materials will be purchased.

Greensboro Historical Museum

Our objective at the GHM is the loosest in my opinion.  Its hard to determine exactly what needs to be done here and can be done.  Group collaboration is a must on this one and the IOB.  For this one we could change lighting, color palette, space dynamics, add constructs or remove them, and many other things.

What concerns me about the GHM is staying within our budget, bringing out in our design what the GHM needs to feel like, and representing the GHM to the outside world.

Industries Of The Blind

IOB is also an unknown when it comes to what needs to be done within the space.  It seems that the main concern put forth by the clients is to bring what happens inside, outside.  Focus should be on opening the spaces both visually and otherwise, while retaining security and privacy to offices and certain projects.  Again the development of this project requires group collaboration to come to a well thought out consensus.

Concerns for this one include the lack of technical specs, what direction to go in first, lack of access to the space, and working with unknowns in the blind community which we are not accustomed to.

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