Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only In Greensboro WAM Group

 (Picture Soon)

Our three dimensional object is an abstract representation of both how we feel about Greensboro and how the Weatherspoon Art Museum (WAM) interacts with the community. 

The wooden frame outlines the rich natural environment within Greensboro and North Carolina.  The sparseness of its design and transparency lends to the idea of the WAM and how it is free and open to anyone who wishes to journey inside.  Inspirationally we have created an art piece for its center.  The fluid shape of the artifact and its nature to swing freely from its suspension again represents the easy ability to enter and encounter the WAM’s exhibits.  The color choice has a direct link to the WAM’s logo, but is present only on the exterior to have that outward reflection as a highlight of the art essence within.  Texture and appearance were added to the color in order to add depth and a more organic feel to the piece.

The representations of the Weatherspoon Art Museum apply to Greensboro as well.  To truly appreciate Greensboro and its communities we must search out those artifacts within to appreciate the uniqueness of our city.

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