Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Which project for me?

After considering all of the projects (WAM, GHM, & IOB) now I must determine which one is right for myself and my skills.  It's hard to determine which is the perfect one, simply because each has aspects that I enjoy and which I would love to work on.  The WAM takes a more detailed build approach, with main consideration to space, product, and versatility.  GHM is a bigger project, but is no less/more difficult than the others.  Circulation and identity are the main focuses here.  Working with the IOB is a more challenging space, with codes, accessibility, and lack of specs to consider.  Along with the people and outward show that must be addressed.

For me I think the WAM might be best.  I enjoy working with a hands on product which can be seen in several of my first year projects.  The details needed herein are sort of my thing (I wouldn't call myself OCD, but I am very detail oriented).  I believe that spacial reflection, conceptualizing, material selection, modeling, and construction are some of the best ways I can contribute to this project.  Also I know that my time in the wood shop will be of use.

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