Thursday, September 29, 2011

201 Blog Assignment 3

So for this weeks assignment post I'm supposed to talk about our speeches last week.  In short I do think that the group did well as a whole.  There were of course some better than others, but then again some people have done a lot more speaking than others.  And then there was the way we did our speeches.  I really enjoyed the constant rotation of the speakers and the ease of flow it allowed.  I think that it helped those who might have been a bit more uneasy with the spotlight directly on them.  One thing from that which needed help though was the introduction transitions.

At first I believe everyone was confused on the assignment.  Its not often that speech's are given so much freedom.  I was able to come up with a theory to base my speech on, and as Patrick pointed out, it became a well balanced analytical point.

For this speech I did not go to the speaking center.  Because of their policies on time frames I wasn't sure if they would accept me.  But I had a fairly good idea of what I would talk about in my speech.  Anyways, the speaking center workshops were able to give me some good ideas and techniques for my speech. 

I have done some small speeches before, but as always there is some nervousness, it takes forever to get to you, and then its over too quickly it seems once you talk.

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